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Apart from 28.2E Which is the best Sat to tune to and what benefits are there

Discussion in 'Freesat' started by Rizla1_uk, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi, I thought i'd ask this question in here as it's not strictly Humax specific, and "Down the local" seems to be a good place to ask the regulars odd questions, as you always seem to get different opinions ;)
    After recieving some really useful help from Graham i've managed to tune a spare dish to 19.2E to enable me to watch some FTA footy / boxing etc (FIFA Womens World cup - BRILL). However, after sitting back and feeling well chuffed with myself i began to wonder, what delights are there on the likes of Hotbird etc, and would i get better channels. Personally, i'm interested in Sport & Documentaries and Factual programs. The reason i ask is, although i don't mind listening to the audio in German etc (Not bi-lingual unfortunately) are there any English speaking channels on any of the other Satellites ? I have tried switching the audio on the box i'm using atm (a Ross B&Q jobbie, untill my DiSEqC switch arrives for the Hummy) but they all appear to be in German. Also, i've noticed a lot of channels are encrypted with MediaGuard etc. Is it worth obtaining a CI & card for these, or would my TopUpTV CI work on any of these cards. As you may of guessed i'm new to Satellite, although a quick learner, and any info would be greatly appreciated.