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I got involved in a handbags incident earlier and in doing so I helped to drag a thread way off-topic. I apologise for this.

I would also like to offer a qualified apology to Black Hole. My opinions have not changed but I do think that I went in a bit hard. Black Hole had been posting on this forum for a lot longer than I have and has clearly contributed a lot, helping many, many people in the process, including me. I apologise for not showing him the respect he deserves. In future I will try to keep out if the fray.

Black Hole

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Not a problem to me, I appreciate any input that helps test ideas and theories (to breaking point if necessary) and debate is an essential part of the process. It is right to point out details that may have been missed - nobody's perfect, I might have missed them (and I am alarmed by the way my memory is going).

What does annoy me is when my cautious approach to presenting facts or drawing conclusions is either criticised or misread as criticism. Unless the evidence is overwhelming, I do not present as cast iron things that I cannot or have not personally verified. I have not personally verified that Australia exists, but the evidence for it is overwhelming. I have had the "luxury" of a great deal of time to reflect on life in general, and one of the outcomes of that reflection is to be amazed how people generally believe whatever they are told, how gullible I must have been in earlier times, and while not assuming everything I am told has malevolent intent at least categorise it as "working hypothesis" rather than "absolute fact" until I get substantiating evidence or corroboration. I put it down to most people having busy lives and no time to separate the two, and I make it a personal ethic not to pass on anything as fact that I receive as working hypothesis. Does that explain things?

So, apology accepted if you feel it necessary to offer one - but as I have been a bit occupied since the exchange I think you are referring to I have not caught up with it yet...


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You have already replied to the post I thought was a bit strong, so there is nothing else contentious. When it comes down to it, we were arguing about using a wireless dongle with a PVR: life's too short.