Appears to be dead - known fault?


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On my recommendation my friends bought a T1010 and have been reasonably satisfied with it.

However, last night they decided to use the 'Players' function to watch a programme on 4OD. They selected the programme, and as the first adverts were playing the feed appeared to freeze, with the four dots doing their thing to indicate the box was waiting for the feed from the internet to resume.

After a few minutes they tried to interrupt it using the remote, but couldn't, so they switched it off at the mains, and then on again after a few seconds.

Unfortunately, the orange circle around the big button didn't appear, and to all intents and purposes the box appears to be completely dead. Nothing on the panel and no illumination of the button, and of course no response to touching the button or fiddling with the remote. They've checked the mains lead is plugged into the wall correctly, but all seems OK.

Is this a known problem? Or do you think something has gone pop in the power supply?