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Long time members might remember my scepticism of AR when my recordings failed when other peoples recordings of the sane programmes from the same transmitter worked. It all changed when HDR1 (the only one I had at the time) did a random factory reset and I haven't had trouble since.

Well, I've been recording the Foyle's War reruns on ITV3 (Mendip) and HDR1 missed one, so I set a duplicate recording on HDR4 (same aerial feed). Tonight HDR4 has a blue ring while HDR1 is red, and looking at the scheduled events via WebIF says HDR4 is waiting for it to be scheduled and has no idea when the next broadcast is.

HDR4's EPG looks normal on-screen, and Foyle's war is listed for next Thursday... but the EPG via WebIF is unpopulated. I wonder if this is revealing something about a fault in the standard firmware, and why sometimes people report an unpopulated EPG.


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Possibly something else but the last week or two I've had a few series that have become unlinked - series episodes in the epg but the reservation sitting idle at the bottom of the list. Making a new reservation worked, but the old one was still there and had to be manually deleted. A few were C5, so normal behaviour really, but I think one or two were other channels. I hope it's the broadcasters and not a bug.


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I haven't noticed anything on either of mine but I've seen a few posts about EPG not populating.. there could be a bug in later firmwares. Are both of those boxes on the same version?