AR Probe Being Retired

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
For several years I have maintained a series-linked Accurate Recording mode recording of Weatherview/Skiing Weatherview/Weather for the Week Ahead (whatever it happens to be called at the time) that comes on as a late transmission at the close of play on BBC1. The reason for this is that in the early days I suffered inexplicable recording failures on AR that others (receiving from the same transmitter) succeeded with.

My problem seemed to clear up when the unit did a random Factory Reset. After that I set up the recording to monitor a reliable daily programme and accumulate statistics on the failure rate (and it was also useful to have the latest full weather forecast on tap).

There have been vanishingly few failures in the intervening time, usually attributable to the programme shifting out of the AR window. Since Christmas there have been none at all.

As I have firmly concluded there is nothing significant (now) wrong with my setup or the AR system in general, I am ceasing the systematic recording of these events (which amounted to looking in the folder every now and again to see which dates were missing or failed, and deleting in batches), and will be turning on auto-expire for the Weatherview folder.

Unfortunately I cannot delegate this function to my News server, because being on a multiple-transmitter tuning I cannot risk AR with it, and the timing of Weatherview is too much subject to alteration to rely on auto-padding mode.