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Archive enc files


I upgraded the hard drive on my T2 some time ago. I decided to have a look what was on my old drive and it seems all the HD files are encrypted.

As they all play when plugged in to to the original machine, is the only option to run the foxy program when the old drive is connected via USB? If I reinstall the old drive in the machine will the CFW allow me to download them?

I've added a couple of screenshots which may help.

Hummy Not Going Out.jpg
Hummy Not Going Out 2.jpgHummy Not Going Out 2.jpg


I wasn't actually. I really should keep up. I only tend to log in when I have a problem, but when I do, I tend lurk for a while as there is loads of info on the forum.

Time to put some more in with a donation I think.

Thanks once again, and not for the first time, for helping me out.


Edit: OK, I've paid my subs, had a quick look and I'll probably have a go this evening.
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I don't know why all those .thm.crypz files are there, but you can certainly delete all of them and reduce the clutter.