Archiving to external storage - finding a better way...


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What I would like to be able to do is manually move a lot of decrypted recordings into a 'to archive' folder and then have these automatically moved to my NAS which is permanently auto mounted. I would only want archiving to occur on certain days and within a fixed time window, which I would pick to ensure no other recordings or auto decrypt tasks were running. This is key as my previous experiences of manually copying a load of stuff to the NAS normally always seem to end up over running. When this happens inevitably recordings then start to kick in as well and the STB can become very laggy and even have the odd glitch recording or playing back content. This I want to avoid!

I see that rsync is available as a package so I was wondering if this could somehow be scheduled to run within a fixed time window only... If I copied way more stuff into my archive directory than could be archived in one sitting then it would be gradually archived over several days. Whilst I could quite happily knock this up in a Windows batch file or using Vbscript I'm a total novice when it comes to how to achieve this on the Humax, so to attempt this myself its going to have to be fairly simple!

Or is there a simpler way to achieve this?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be most appreciated,