Aupeo radio crashes system....


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Hi folks, Having finally connected my HDR-FOX-T2 to the internet using 'Powerline' adaptors (and being sorely disappointed at the tiny amount of apps, useful or otherwise), I've discovered that the 'Aupeo' internet radio app keeps restarting the box when starting to play :(

It loads up fine and even lists my favourite radio-station (Planet Rock), but when I select a station, the screen shows the info-page then reboots itself from scratch.

I tried to remove the app, prior to re-installing, but the screen doesn't show any means of doing so, neither can I find how on the 'MyHUMAX' web-page.

Also, a secondary question: When using the 'Youtube' app, I more often than not get a message stating 'this video is the wrong format' (or similar wording), what gives with this???

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks ;)

Black Hole

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As far as the YouTube videos are concerned, it means exactly what it says. The video has to be in MP4 for the Humax, and these days fewer and fewer are.


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Thanks Black Hole, I suspected it was something like that - Any ideas about the internet-radio app. crashing and rebooting the box?