Auto archive after watched.....


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Looking at putting the CFW onto my HDR T2, mainly so that I can automatically archive recordings off once they've been watched. I'd like to then be able to convert these archived recordings to mp4 / mkv so they'd need to be decrypted.
Has anyone already done this, or pointers on how best to do this would be great.


There are a lot of options for auto manipulation of files in designated folders built-in to the Web-If which is part of the Custom Firmware, take a look at the folder options (the left hand column) in the Wi-Ki Web-If screen HERE, possible options to look at are 'Enable Auto-Decrypt' and ' Enable Auto MPG'. Also Wi-Ki Notes for general Web-If options HERE
Great. I'm assuming that Auto-MPG does conversion on the box, is the CPU really up to that sort of level of work ? Going to take a look in more detail soon, but thanks for the pointers.
I had over simplified the previous post somewhat, the CPU isn't really up to conversion, the 'Enable Auto MPG' doesn't really do any conversion, it only works on Standard Definition files (not High Def.) which are already in MP2 format although they are tagged as *.ts files. What it actually does is strip out non video info. like embedded text in order to make the file smaller, you can re-name a *.ts file to *.mpg and it will play on mpg players without any conversion
Ok, so on review, it looks like the best thing to do is to use "Enable Auto-Decrypt", and then get Sweeper to move the recordings based on various conditions to the NAS, and let my linux server do the conversion.