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Auto Aspect Ratio Setting on 9300T


John Hereford

Can anyone please advise me as to whether it is possible to set the PVR 9300T so that it automatically shows the actual screen aspect being broadcast? I have been able to achieve this with my Freesat Foxsat-HDR, but have not had any luck with my recently purchased 9300T. Dependent on the settings used, it either shows all stations in 16:9 (stretching anything transmitted in 4:3 to fill the screen) or shows everything in 4:3.


Well-Known Member
This is actually a function of the TV set to which it is connected. You should simply need to tell the 9300T that it is connected to a 16:9 widescreen TV and set the Aspect Ratio handling on the TV to Auto. Of course some broadcasters are not very good at flagging or broadcasting programmes with the correct AR in which case you need to manually switch the TV AR to the correct mode.

John Hereford

Thanks for your reply and, whilst I agree that this would seem to be the obvious action to take, I have already set the aspect ratio on my TV to auto (and, as I mentioned in my original thread, my Foxsat-HDR switches between the two automatically, as does the TV itself when used on its own). Unfortunately this does not have any effect with regard to my 9300T (I know it is not the broadcaster, as switching between the Foxsat/TV/9300T on the same channel shows the first two in the correct aspect ratio). I should point out that my TV - a Toshiba 42Z3030 - does not allow different settings for each individual input.