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Auto-Decrypt and Unencrypt


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Sorry to post what is probably extremely simple to answer, but in my quest to get more out of the software I want to use on the box decryption so I don't have to manually pull from DLNA through the webif all the time.

I've spent about 3 hours going up and down forum links, through some of the new user guides and the wiki but what I can't find is anything that tells me how to install Auto-Decrypt and how to set it running. Unfortunately the search capability is a bit random in this respect and with the myriad results it throws back it doesn't really help. Simplifying the search seems to result in it barfing with a "too many results be more specific" type message. There are lots of threads on why you might want to use decryption and how to avoid problems but nothing that I can find that says to get it up and running install package, use the remote, controlled by these options...

I assume that Unencrypt is no longer favoured and according to the wiki has been removed, but my package list doesn't include either of these packages in the advanced list for installation.
There's a bunch of autoprocessing options in the WenIF settings but it doesn't mention auto decrypt, so whether this is related or not I'm not sure.
So my question simply is:

Where is Auto-Decrypt, how do I install it and where do I control how it runs.



...Link to a one pager would be the ideal response.


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Install auto-unproect package - no settings needed, auto-decrypt is built into the webif

Go to Browse select OPT+ on the My Video folder, enable Recursive Auto Decrypt, job done*

There are additional settings that can control when Auto processing runs but for most these are not needed, except setting the 'Create backup files in dustbin for decrypt and shrink?' option to No prevents the disk filling up with unneeded backups.

* If you have a large number of pre-existing recordings you might want to turn auto decrypt on for individual folders prior to setting recursive auto decrypt on
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This spells out chapter and verse:

Decryption Guide (click)

...and is linked from Section 5 of Things Every HD/HDR-FOX Owner Should Know (click).
Thank you, that's what I needed.

I know that there's a ton of information in the forums but I sometimes find it hard to get to. In this instance for example I had already been through the Section 5 a couple of times and had even followed the link to "encrypted recordings" but I obviously failed to see the final link. Possibly because by the time one has searched, gone through a couple of other routes, then at 3 or 4 clicks down one gets into skim reading.

Personally I find it much easier if definitive stuff like this is put into a structured FAQ or wiki, rather than simply left in the forums - and yes I do appreciate there are the guides that should get me there and I'm sorry for missing it but we all find/ take in information in different ways. If I can help do something I will as I do appreciate this software but I don't want to be seen as criticising what's already been done just because I find it hard.

In that vein there'll be one other thread on SMB soon.

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Quite often some of the signposts to general information will be found pinned at the top of each respective forum section listing - something which seems to escape a lot of people.

As far as the wiki is concerned, I object to the prospect of anyone else corrupting my finely-tuned wording, plus I got use to forum formatting (which is different from wiki formatting) long before the wiki came along. Indeed, some of my material has been copied to the wiki in a largely haphazard manner (and not always with my permission). If you want my take on things, start by following links from the signature field of my posts.

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some of my material has been copied to the wiki in a largely haphazard manner (and not always with my permission).
I am not aware of any of any of your material on the Wiki that has been placed there without your permission, if you would care to detail which content you are referring to, I will remove it from the Wiki

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May contain traces of nut
I didn't say it needs to be removed, or that you in particular were responsible for putting it there, but whoever did should have credited their source. I'm not willing to spend my time looking for it again right now, but it has been drawn to my attention in the past.

Ezra Pound

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I can only find one item in the entire Wiki that I can attribute to you, the 'Glossary of Terms' was placed on the Wiki on 16 Aug 2011 by af123, and it was credited to you on that date, that page has remained unchanged since 13 JAN 2012 when spam that was spread throughout the Wiki was removed also by af123. If you find anything else that you object to let me know