Auto power on stopped working

Ed Ludlow

Odd problem with my HDR-Fox T2, running custom FW 1.03.12, loader version a7.33.

Last week I noticed the auto power on stopped working. At the same time, it appears all my scheduled recordings were deleted.

I've since set both the auto power on back up, and my scheduled recordings. The recordings are now staying, but the auto power on will not save. It's powers down at the allotted time once set, but doesn't then turn on the next day - and when I look at the settings, the auto power on / off is turned off...

Any ideas what may be causing? I do have the "power on channel" package installed - I have removed that and will see what happens tomorrow morning...!


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There was a DSO auto-retune last week, which is probably responsible for killing your schedule, but I can't explain the auto-power business. I suggest you try a factory reset* (which will mean a retune, and a schedule re-entry unless you use the WebIF to restore from auto-backup).

* Factory reset: Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default (do not accept the option to format disk)

Preventing External Events from Disturbing the CF (click)

PS: 1.03.12 is not custom firmware, it is a release of standard firmware.
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Ed Ludlow

Many thanks. Will see if the removal of the "power on channel" solves things before a factory reset, but that backup of the schedule is really useful to know about - thank you! I've used that to add a load of recordings I'd forgotten about when adding manually.

If I'm running 1.03.12 (which isn't custom), how am I able to use the custom feature like WebIF?

Thanks for your response.

Black Hole

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I'm not saying you are not running custom firmware, only that the version you quoted specifies the standard firmware and says nothing about the version of custom firmware you have installed. The custom firmware version is flashed up on the front panel display during boot, or see the bottom right corner of the WebIF. If you are fully up to date you are using CF3.00/1.03.12.

Take another look at my previous post - I have updated it with the relevant link since you read it.