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auto-schedule-restore - minor problem

Before doing a complete re-tune I had added some new program reservations and used backup/restore within Schedule in the WebIf to save a new reservation list.

After the re-tune I noticed that today's additions were missing from the auto-restored schedule. I guess that auto-schedule-restore used the last auto-saved list but didn't check for a later one. It's no big deal but I had expected it would load the latest list found. Can anyone confirm this?


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Auto-schedule-restore uses a different list to what the WebIf uses.
It's not clear from your message what you've actually done. You need to restore manually the latest WebIf version you backed up.


Auto-schedule-restore uses a different list to what the WebIf uses.
I think I understand now, thanks.

I was used to restoring the latest schedule list from the WebIf following a retune and had expected auto-schedule-restore to do just that, but automatically. As it uses a different list there is always the possibility of a different outcome.

I guess the list used by auto-schedule-restore is updated during shut-down and/or startup, so I needed to re-boot the box before doing the re-tune in order to pick up my latest schedule changes?

Thanks to tunefix-update the need to retune is now infrequent. In my case it was made it necessary by having manually deleted some extra minor channels over the Christmas period in order to avoid the annoying problem of main-channel programmes being excluded by the 400 entry maximum in the Hummy's EPG search by Genre. Shouldn't be needed again for about 11 months :)