Auto Switch Off


Hi is it possible to set the HDR to Auto Switch off a predetermined time.
What I want to happen is to leave the box on to go to bed and watch recorded stuff on HDR and play on HD, then for the HDR to auto off at say 1am.


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Are you aware that it can be set to automatically power off after 3 hours if it does not receive any input from the Physical Remote?
me Up=>Settings=>System Management=>Power Management=>Automatic Power Down set to "on".

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I had forgotten that, the only thing is 3hrs may be to long, can it be altered ?


What about the Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time options? Setting a power off time must be accompanied by a power on time, otherwise we have noted misoperation, but that could be a few minutes before the power off - if the unit is on already, it has no effect (it might change channel).