Autocrop - feature request


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I was archiving some dramas the other day, so I used bookmarks to mark the start and finish before cropping and copying to USB. Now with the improvements to bookmarking, I wondered if it would be feasible to introduce an autocrop feature? I know you can already crop multiple files manually using the remote control (Nicesplice Magic Folders) but it is hard to know what is going on. Cropping could be triggered by flagging a folder for autocrop, with this running as an auto-process. Occasionally the procedure can fail, leading to a truncated output file: Web-If flags this in a summary at the end of the process. Any such problems could presumably be recorded in the auto log file, or even a separate autocrop log file?

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I don't think you have to use the handset, you could drop the recordings into the nicesplice folder using the WebIF (although that does not address your other problems).