Backing up firmwares and settings?


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Hi Everyone

I own a Humax HDR FOX T2 and I would be very grateful if someone can tell me whether the official Humax firmware and the custom firmware and associated settings are stored on the hard drive or flash memory.

The reason I am asking is because I am planning on temporarily removing the hard drive in order to fully backup its partition(s) using a partition tool from EaseUs or Paragon and I am hoping that this is sufficient to back up both firmwares and settings. I should also point out that by setting a reminder between 04:25 and 04:35 every Wednesday, I have secured in place Firmware 1.02.20 in order to avoid the auto-retune problem. I want to be sure that if/when the hard drive and/or the HDR FOX T2 itself fails, I will be able to restore both firmwares and settings to a new hard drive and/or a new HDR FOX T2 which I would purchase from eBay.

If any of the two firmwares and settings are stored on flash memory, does anyone know how I can backup and restore the flash?

Thank you very much.

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Take a look at the structure of the file system (using the command line) and you will find everything to do with CF in a folder tree called /mod. Note that the file system is Ext3, so whatever tools you use must be Linux compatible.

That is not the end of the story though, because some CF stuff necessary to operation with the HDD off-line. Anything like that would need to be reinstalled from scratch rather than backed up and restored.

Personally I don't advise this. I regard it as preferable to reinstate the CF from scratch, should it prove necessary.