Backing up HDR-FOX T2 to an external HDD via USB

Steve Hum

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It is very likely my technical incompetence that has prevented me finding a solution to this in the existing forums. However, I would very much appreciate an idiot's guide, if anyone can provide it.

Scenario: I have an HDR-FOX T2 with about 80 Gb free remaining on the drive. I am able to copy stuff to a Panasonic Freeview box and from there to DVD but this is time-consuming and I want instead to move my Humax content to an external HDD drive, before I fill up the Humax drive.

It seems that the external HDD should be formatted as FAT or ext3. I have tried doing this with a 64 Gb memory stick and with a 250 Gb Iomega HDD, using Minitool Partition Wizard, since my Win 8 PC offers only NTFS and exFAT. Once formatted, the Humax machine doesn't recognise either the stick or the Iomega drive. It did recognise the Iomega when it was formatted as NTFS but told me that I couldn't copy to an NTFS drive (as per the manual). Whatever the format, the Humax didn't recognise the stick.

So, could someone please give me a simple set of instructions on how to move stuff from the Humax to an external source so that I don't run out of storage space on the Humax? I am not entirely IT-stupid as I do have an IT background but that was on mainframes and Unix boxes - my PC and Windows experience was restricted to phone calls to the tech support team.

Thanks in advance

If you install the custom firmware then you can use exFAT or NTFS. Probably the best overall solution since they're supported natively by your Windows version.
Thank you both.

Black hole, your reply reminded me that I can format a drive from the Humax itself, rather than from my PC. I was flummoxed for a while since the Iomega has a double USB connection and only one of them is recognised via the socket on the front of the Humax. It is now copying a test selection of files and seems ok so far.

af123, how do I install the "custom firmware"? Does that involve downloading some software onto my PC, then onto a USB stick and then into the Humax? In the long run, I'd rather do my future archiving onto exFAT or NTFS if I can.

Copy onto a Humax-formatted Iomega external HDD is now complete and seems to work ok. Thanks again.
how do I install the "custom firmware"?

Did you see the asterisks in my previous reference? Did you look at the bottom of that article to where the asterisk is defined as "see footnote" (with a hot link), which then goes on to make a few introductory comments about the custom firmware with a link to the full SP?

Alternatively, do you see the couple of lines at the foot of my every post which begin "NEW READERS CLICK HERE: ..."??

It is not my intention to appear offish, but the huge amount of time spent developing documentation means we should not have to answer the same old questions time and time again.
the Iomega has a double USB connection
Novel. Are you looking at two slave device sockets, or one slave and one master (the master socket being for adding further storage to the Iomega)? You should not be able to connect a master USB socket to the Humax (another master socket) except by cobbling together an adapter cable.
Is it a portable 2.5" drive in a silver metalic case?

The second usb plug is power only (no data lines connected) and meant for distributing the load across 2 usb sockets to bring the current usage within spec. For the most part it's redundant.