Bad Sectors

So if a "full clean format to NTFS" followed by a Humax format is a satisfactory way of doing it, why bother with Linux?
I don't know why you're all wittering on about PCs and NTFS etc.
The CF's fix-disk is all you need and you don't need to disassemble the box.

This thread is in the wrong section of the forum as well. The OP said he'd installed the CF.
Because the OP has tried that and wanted an alternative.
But why? I refer him to post #2 in this thread. That is all that's needed. Why make life more complicated? Taking the disk out won't fix it any quicker on anything else.
Who is to say why? When somebody asks for help, we help, and if they want alternatives, offer alternatives. This is not a you-can-have-any-colour-as-long-as-it's-black situation - but when given the alternatives hopefully the 'customer' will realise for themselves they were offered the best one first.
Sometimes the best help is to tell them to do it how you originally told them. It seems to me this guy wants to faff about with PCs in some misguided attempt to 'save time'.
hi, ive not meant to upset anyone,
i did indeed try to fix my drive with fix-disc, to say " It seems to me this guy wants to faff about with PCs in some misguided attempt to 'save time'." without knowing why i am trying to get round sitting at my pc for hours at a time
just causes upset.

as i said before im a cancer patient, so far ive been in and out of hospital, mostly in bed for nine months. the act of sitting up at a pc leaves me tired and ive struggled to try to fix this but not knowing how long it will take is a big worry,
you see this Monday im due back in hospital for a bone marrow transplant, my wife knows nothing about pc,s or the humax box and i have no-one else to fix it, i dont want her to have no tv or any other problems when im away,
so yes saving time is an important factor. PLEASE ask why people do what they do before you judge them.
sorry if i put this in the wrong thread but im new and thought this was the right place.

thank you everyone for the help, without you lot i would be lost.
You haven't upset anyone, it's not the wrong place and I sympathise with you. The problem is that there are people here who always nit pick. I suspect you can work out who I mean. Just ignore them and leave the bickering to them.