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BBC 1 News at 10pm on Wednesday (16/01/19)


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Did anyone record the BBC 1 News at 10pm on Wednesday (16/01/19)? If so what time did the recording actually start and finish? I am asking because the News started late due to the live FA Cup match coverage preceding the News going to extra time and then to a penalty shoot out, requiring several short notice changes to the scheduled start and end time. I have a nagging concern that the HDR-FOX T2 behaves better in these circumstances than the later FVP-5000T but I haven't so far managed to record such a situation on both boxes to compare.


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I don't know. But "Insert Name Here" on BBC2 was cancelled but the "now and next" and the 7/8-day EPG showed that it was on - at least for ~10 minutes. As I never use AR I can't comment on what happened.


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I have a successful recording (BBC ONE W Mid). The info box displays 22:35 - 23:05, but the actual time of recording was 22:37 and duration 34 mins. The AR points were in sensible places.
Hope that helps
That is very helpful. On the FVP-5000T the News started recording at 22:15 even though the guide at that point was showing News starting at 22:30 (the guide was subsequently updated to 22:35 start) and playing the recording the News actually started at about 22:36. The News stopped recording at 23:00 although the actual stop time was 23:10 (which matches with the 34 minute recording time observed on the HDR-FOX T2. I do think this demonstrates that the HDR-FOX T2 does a better job than the FVP-5000T in these situations where start and end times are being updated. I will report this to Humax support but am not optimistic about getting a sensible reply.


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16/01/2019 22:36:02 : -start {/media/My Video/BBC News/BBC News at Ten_20190116_2236}
16/01/2019 23:10:06 : -stop {/media/My Video/BBC News/BBC News at Ten_20190116_2236}
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