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Well the BBC have washed their hands of the ongoing fault with 1.02.xx iPlayer radio failing, saying they don't support the device.. Does this now fall to Humax porting, I suspect so ?. I suspect some of you guys that reported to the BBC got the same email.

Thank you for contacting the BBC iPlayer Support Team.

I understand you’ve been having some trouble listening to programmes using your Humax Fox-HD recently. It’s worth noting we don’t offer technical support for this particular device so I’m unable to provide any assistance on this occasion.

In the meantime, thanks once again for taking the time to get in touch.

Kind Regards

Jamie Patterson
BBC Audience Services
It could be that Humax need to fix their forwarding server, or the 1.03.xx is intended to fix it and will now be OTA'ed. It sounds like I will be updating one of my HDRs to 1.03.xx so that I can still access radio iPlayer, although I have yet to try out getiplayer...
It would seem that Humax are dragging their feet which is annoying since the loss of service is more like a couple of weeks now by memory.

Get iPlayer has it's uses and so does the BBC iPlayer. The latter is the no fuss solution for grabbing main national broadcasts in the last week or so (suspect it covers the regions if you were in one), the former covers both video and audio, national, regional, local and world BBC output with a series watch list that it checks when you are booted up e.g. it trawls all BBC iPlayer materiel where ever except those little embedded materiel outside of the BBC iPlayer. Windows and Unix solutions exist. When working good, when it's stops it can be trying working out what you need to upgrade. I did a complete upgrade when this last happened and all was good. I don't think core posters on here would have a problem with it and I note that some use it. My own main use for it is to get hold of BBC Scotland music which isn't available via the Humax implementation which is an ad-joint of materiel that is available on Freeview where you are, a subset of the total BBC iPlayer materiel available. Obviously the output is portable if you are downloading to a netbook or laptop so can be enjoyed where ever you are and captured wherever you are in the world (radio that would be). So useful for those must have programmes.
Well there use to be Mary Ann Kennedy's Global Gathering on BBC Radio Scotland but the programme wasn't Scottish enough for Alex Samond and the BBC controller for Radio Scotland so they cancel the show - my theory or she just didn't address the haggis correctly. You can still catch the last programme which featured Martyn Bennett who died an early death related to testicular cancerwith a 45 minute live concert. Was a very talented musician.

Although Mary Ann is a harp player her liking for celtic fusion was possibly her undoing one suspects with BBC Scotland's management, although she has a fortnightly "gig" on R3, World on 3 (she probably upsets the intelligence services for her liking of rebel causes and a synergy to Scottish independence - she just probably wants her show back). Bruce MacGregor with Travelling Folk continues but has got very subservient to the BBC using social media to own the show so that one doesn't get cancelled - my theory. Ricky Ross is another presenter with slightly more high brow intellectual analysis of rock in Another Country.

All three presenters are musicians. But Scottish big band is indeed also present in other programmes.
I believe you have only shown the TV list by filtering on that. It always defaults to that on the Web PVR front end :) ... not that I was QAing the file.
Blimey, you're right and there are 10 times more radio programmes, I have added the radio stuff to #6
Ah, the '1' in 13215 is a place marker for Radio whereas 03215 (if it existed) would be for Video. So 2.4 times as many Radio as video, rather that 10 times
I never checked the maths but tested whether the Archers and World on 3 was on the list ;).

Are we having a concerted effort to get Humax to sort out the radio player bit of the iPlayer on 1.02.xx ?. The Barry board is quite on the subject although I did just post something on the old thread for January.
hmm they seem to be doing a good job of alienating their customers and potential customers by not fixing bugs in their products which develop software bugs / interface issues with the BBC. Customers that get new / reconditioned boxes get 1.03.xx on them whilst they don't provide it for download for HD or HDR owners where the radio iplayer works fine. Sorry to re-iterate for those that know this.

I was thinking of an emailing campaign to them.