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I always assumed that BBC1-HD and BBC1 broadcast the same programmes (with the exception of the local News), however, Today I noticed that while BBC1 was broadcasting Episode 1 of a new series about Canals, that BBC1-HD was showing Episode 3 of the same series, without showing the first two episode as far as I'm aware

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As a slight aside, why can't the BBC broadcast local stuff in HD whereas ITV can? Is there some sort of technical reason?
My edtion of Radio Times (London, Anglia, Midlands) lists three different episodes - one for each region. BBC1HD was showing the London listed episode called 'Capitalism' but StDef was
showing the West Midlands episode called 'Heritage' about Birmingham canals. I'm on the Sutton Coldfield transmitter.
Various regions of the country showed different episodes of this programme.
Apparently the whole series is to be shown - in episode order - on BBC4.
As I understand it, each region showed an episode based close to it (ie. East Midlands & East showed something about Leicestershire, West Midlands & ??? - Birmingham?). BBC1HD & BBC1SD London & SE (+ NI???) showed something about London. As BBC1HD can't cope with the English regions, everyone ended up with the London & SE version.
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The paper version of the Radio Times did mention 3 different versions of this programme.
Next weeks RT: BBC4 Tuesday 1/9/15 at 20.00 "Canals:The Making of a Nation" 1/6 Engineering - First shown on BBC1 Yorkshire & Linconlshire
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It is not uncommon for BBC HD to show a none regional version of a program whilst SD shows local.
I think it's the same problem as not showing local news on HD.

I've seen it sometimes with one of the consumer programs they sometimes have on at 19:30 in the week (can't remember which one since I don't watch it). But they often preclude it with an announcement telling you to tune to SD for local version. Default usually seems to be London.
I've found the source for my post above. Unfortunately it is the Daily Mail (Weekend TV pullout). Take with a big pinch of salt!
Daily Mail-Weekend said:
"Canals-The Making Of A Nation"
Six different episodes of this scenic new series are being shown at once, with each linked to its region. So, the southeast's episode (and Northern Ireland's, oddly) deals with the links between money in London and the growth of canals, while the south, west and southwest focus on the Kennet and Avon Canal. The West Midlands has the waterway's role in urban regeneration, and the East Midlands (and east) a look at Leicestershire's George Smith, a campaigner for the rights of 'boat people'. In the northwest, it's the Manchester Ship Canal and, in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, the Pennines. Due to be shown weekly from next Tuesday, on BBC4.
It does (now) make sense, only one of six regional programmes to be shown on the SD BBC1 version and the one and only national (London) Hi-def version shown on BBC1-HD, I noticed that both of the programmes detailed in #1 did not have a record series option. However I still think it's a B*lls-Up, are they ever going to produce regional BBC1-HD channels?, they have been saying 'It is not yet possible to view regional BBC News in HD' for literally years