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BBC2 HD not listed in web EPG

For some reason BBC2 HD (Freeview channel 102) is not listed in the EPG in my web interface (even when I have the EPG set to list all channels, instead of just favourites). Has anyone else got this problem?
I'm running:
Web interface version: 1.4.3-3
Custom firmware version: 3.13 (build 4028)


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This occurs from time to time and usually resolves itself quickly

The cause has never been tracked down


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It doesn't resolve itself unless you either change channels or reboot. Changing channels (more reliably to one on a different mux.) doesn't always fix it either.
Just more stupid annoying Humax bugs really.

Ian Manning

Thanks for the feedback. In the meantime I was exploring the command line option in the web interface and found that running "sync" in the CLI seemed to fix the problem (although I'm not entirely sure why!)