Behaviour in Minor Schedule Clashes


Behaviour in Minor Schedule Clashes

In another thread I reported that I was getting a lot of failed recordings on my heavily used box.

In desperation I swapped out the box about a month ago and installed the same packages on the replacement. Since then, I have been monitoring the situation, but have usually justified any failures in my own head as me archiving off via USB or FTP at the time, or watching HD on chase play or it being on a channel where AR is unreliable. But some I still cannot explain away.

The latest incident was last night when the Tracey Ullman Show failed to record. At the time I was recording Birds of Paradise on BBC HD and the box had just finished recording Not Going Out on BBC HD. Tracey Ullman was to be recorded in SD and followed Not Going Out.

Because of the small lag between SD and HD, I might have expected the second recording to start a little late.

It was then that I realised that it has been months since I have had any of the warning symbols and messages in the on-screen GUI to indicate that the start of the recording was delayed. I can't even remember what they look like.

Is it possible that something in the latest CF as a whole, is creating an 'all or nothing situation' where a minor clash occurs?

I am running with the latest version of everything and using RTS.
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I am still regularly seeing the on TV schedule clash boxes when the start of a new recording overlaps slightly with the end of the previous 2 recordings.

The Humax display a selection box asking me to select which 2 programmes I want to record, I usually select Cancel to the box because:
  • The 'problem' will usually resolve itself within a few seconds without any action
  • If you select OK the Humax will delete the series recording entry for the program chosen whilst Cancel keeps all the schedule entries.
When viewing the recording the Humax will often show the failed recording lightning bolt and will say that it "Failed due to a higher priority recording" but will allow you to watch it anyway minus initial few seconds of overlap.

Do you use Padding? I use AR without padding, with padding the potential overlap is greater and may exceed the time the humax is prepared to wait for recording start.

You could try to provoke the situation by scheduling 2 recordings that both end at n O'clock and another 2 recordings on different channels that start at n O'clock.

I don't think anything in the CF can affect this but something may be corrupted in your firmware so it may be worth reinstalling the latest firmware.
All the lightning bolt recordings I get are just orphan .hmt files, which is why I thought schedule clashes may be being treated differently, particularly under RTS.

I have never used padding.

This box is exhibiting the same issue as the previous box. The only consistency is the CF/packages and my usage pattern.

This a fresh CF install, but I can try a reinstall and deliberately provoking clashes when I get a chance.

The clash caused by the delay on the HD steam vs SD is very small. I wonder if some end of recording process is interfering with the start of the next

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