Best software to convert mkv files


For the last couple of years or so, I have been using "MkvToMp4 0.220a" software to convert mkv videos to mp4, mainly without any problems.

Lately I have found that recent conversions tend to freeze or pixelate frequently.

What software do other users use for this sort of conversion?

Thank you.
In most cases there should be no need to transcode video from mkv to mp4, but the audio stream may well need to be transcoded from AC3 to AAC. I find XVid4PSP to be very reliable and decently fast. I've found that while my Hummy will play MP4s with AC3 audio, the result is poor with very low volume levels.

While a good program, Handbrake cannot remux to a different container without transcoding the video stream, so it is much slower.

My HDR Fox T2 recorder has never been able to play mkv files. I've always had to convert them to mp4 or avi

Do you have some special software to enable you to play mkv files?
Sorry, I was unclear. I was not suggesting that you should not convert from mkv to mp4 - just that you do not need to transcode the video stream while doing so.
Using Xvid4PSP select mp4 as the output type, convert the audio stream to aac and leave the video stream set to copy. The conversion is much quicker that way.
My HDR Fox T2 recorder has never been able to play mkv files. I've always had to convert them to mp4 or avi
It will play MKV, if you have the right version of the wrapper and the right type of streams within it.
Thanks for all the useful advice.

Both Handbrake and XVid4PSP have produced perfect mp4 versions of the same mkv 800Mb video

Handbrake took 17 mins and XVid4PSP took < 5 mins.

Thanks again
I have been using handbrake to convert mkvs it avi and had limited success.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't usually crashing the box or giving me a can't play this file message.
Handbrake is a good program. It is same with Format Factory. Both are free and great. They can convert videos to any formats. As for paid softwares, you may try Adoreshare Video Converter Genius from . Well, the reason why I recommend this is that the program can convert videos to 1080P