Black Screen FreeSat Can't Fix!!!


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New 4k FreeSat Box has intermittent fault that Freesat say they can't fix!!!! They even exchanged the box but it has the same fault. They said there was an over the air update but that did not fix it.

New Samsung TV turned on to say BBC1. Turn Freesat box on and it should automatically switch to the Freesat Box. BUT, all we get is a black blank screen. Even tried to switch the input select on the TV to HDMI-1 but still does not come on. The only way is to turn everything off, unplug the Freesat Box for at least 30 seconds, plug it back in, the front light turns blue, after approx. 30 seconds it turns red, then turn the TV back on, then turn the freesat box back on and it usually then works.

This happens every few nights. Nothing changes to cause it, very hit and miss!!!! My old TV and Humax box are in exactly the same place where they worked fine for a great many years.