Bloody Quiet, Innit?


Traveler 34122
Yeah. It is racing towards the holiday season so perhaps folks are away.

Could simply be that all is working well in Hummy land and everyone is happy.

Yeah right.
Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I guess now is a good time to start another word game, just for fun (no scoring):
  1. Successor word must be:
    1. An anagram of all the letters in the previous word, plus or minus one letter;
    2. A valid, correctly spelled, English word (subject to argument!).
    3. Not a repeat of any previous word.
  2. The player of a word for which there is no valid successor word (conforming to Rule 1 parts 1 2 & 3) shall be the loser and designated Forum Donkey. The player of the word prior to that is the Champeen.

Seed word (no, I have not checked for a successor and therefore could be Donkey):



Number 28
Yes it is b quiet.
I'm no good at anagrams - but I'm thinking ee-aw may be the appropriate sound to apply to your seed word.
I am assuming the word must be replaced by a single word not two or three. Even by cheating and using an anagram solver I can't find a word. Straight to Mornington Crescent I think.