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Bookmark posts


Ye Olde Bowler
Can someone please remind me how to do this. I thought it was in the Inbox/Alerts/Search area but cannot find it...


Ad detector
Add bookmarks with the flag icon next to the post number at top right of each post 4061

Find old bookmarks by clicking on your user name at top of page and then choosing bookmarks tab 4062


Number 28
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza dear Liza...
Well, if you wet the stone, to sharpen the axe to cut the straw you'll be able to mend the hole. Now all you have to do is fetch the water, but your bucket has a hole in it. Which, I think, was your point. :roflmao:


Number 28
How are you going to find your cork board?
I'm not that sophisticated. Any old scrap of paper on the desk next to the computer. Usually, it falls onto the floor, or even into the bin. Post-it notes don't stick. And when the weather gets hot, the fan blows everything away.
I've got so many things bookmarked in the browser (not on this site) that I need an index of indeces to find the reference I'm looking for that is probably out of date. Oh, the chaos that is my filing system. It's a wonder I can find anything!