British Summer Time and TV Diary


TV Diary fails to recognise the change from GMT to British summer time and list recordings one hour before the actual transmission time e.g. 6pm News is shown as 5pm in the TV Diary. As a result the record icon is not shown.

#2 HDR Fox-T2 v1.02.32 with CF v2.19 - upgraded to 1TB Seagate Pipeline HDD
#3 HDR Fox-T2 v1.03.06 Loader a7.34 with CF v2.19 - 1TB as supplied.
#4 HDR Fox-T2 v1.02.32 Loader a7.33 with CF v2.19 - upgraded to 1TB Seagate Pipeline HDD


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I've got a fix for displaying times ready to go, but I'm just testing the code that determines the switch from today's TV and tomorrow's TV.
The comment I put in the code started "Counter-intuitively", so I'm being extra careful!


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Displaying times in BST is fixed in TV Diary 0.0.2-4.

Please ignore the minor issue with the Next/Prev buttons on the daylight savings start/end days. It's because those days aren't 24 hours long, and I've run out of time to fix that right now.