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I can receive Freeview HD channel 115 and also SD channel 59. The Europa league final on Wed 24/5 only shows up in the Channel 59 EPG. Anyone have the match in the 115 schedule?


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Well, when I tune to 59 on three sets, it tells me that BT whatever has moved and mentions that is only available in HD on 115. So if you are not getting that message on 59 and your tuning is up to date all of my sets need a retune:roflmao: and as I havn't goit a 115. that sounds possible. But anyway, it seems that there is no SD.


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I havn't goit a 115
59 is still on COM6 according to DigitalUK's site, but you know what these people are like - I delete BT Sport* from my boxes so can't check.
115 is on COM8 which you can't get anyway IIRC.


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I have nothing in the EPG on 115 from Tuesday 23/5 midday.
Should anyone want to record it, they may have to do it the old fashioned way - manually set the timer. :eek:


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I notice that in the RS EPG ch 115 only appears in the channel list up to four days hence i.e. up until Tuesday, tomorrow Wednesday will appear. Odd.