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I have a 2000-T and am thinking to burn off some of my favourite recordings on to blu ray discs. What authoring package are you folks using for such? I have installed Freemake and will start my experiments there, but annoyingly I will need to pay to get subtitles and I won't know if it can read the Humax subtitles until after I've paid (unless anyone knows?).

Ideally I want a package that works a lot like the Win7 DVD Maker app, the one MS provided with Win7, but on Win8.1 with blu ray and 1080p support that reads the Humax TS files. It should include easy menu generation wizard that creates menus looking some way decent, like DVD Maker did. A bonus would be the ability to save of copies in other resolutions and formats such that they can be played on my Windows tablet and phone. I will pay, but I am not trying to buy Spielburg's favourite editing software here. Home use packages (and costs) considered only.

I will research if I must, but I guess some of you folks will already have worked out the best options?

NB. This is not about encryption. I understand about encryption. This is not about it.
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I use Serif MoviePlus, which is a damn sight easier to use and has more export options than Windows Movie Maker. My version (X5) won't import TS though, so I have to remux first.

See also Index (click) >> Miscellaneous >> Video File Support & Manipulation >> Editing & Burning

NB: I suggested a forum section to cover discussions about this kind of thing, but it never got implemented.


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NB: I suggested a forum section to cover discussions about this kind of thing, but it never got implemented.
I presume you are referring to this thread http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/new-forum-section-audio-video-file-manipulation.4849/ there didn't seem to be much interest at the time, but as I said, I would be happy to implement this if there was sufficient demand. Perhaps a poll in the relevant thread will give an indication of the general opinion of forum users. Various members have previously complained about trivial forum changes made at the request of a single member.

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Including me, but if you can do it for one... It's not like adding a forum section is the same as a policy shift, and it would provide a place to put general video discussion that is not specific to a particular machine.