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C5 (and C5+1 and C5+24) all seem to stop at 6am on 7th Jan. on the EPG.
I've checked on 3 boxes in 2 different regions and they're all the same.
Wonder what C5 have screwed up this time?
CBS Action were the last bunch of cretins who denied they'd got something wrong on their EPG and tried to blame Humax, then miraculously it got fixed a few days later.
Do C5 have to wait for their 'experts' to get back to work next week to fix this?


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Obviously it's down to C5 to stay on top of anything they outsource but do they provide the schedule themselves through the multiplex operators ITV plc and Channel 4, or via a third party specialist
schedule provider?

(Edit: Correct typo C% -> C5)
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Looking on Webif C5 and C5+1 disappear from the epg on ours on 7th as well.
I don't remember for sure which channel it was (but I think it was C5), some weeks back I found it only had 6 days of epg. I assumed it was just a glitch - I don't often look for programmes more than a day or two ahead, so not seen it since.
I just thought "Hmm" and moved on which shows how unsurprised I was.