Can I copy video files to a USB drive from 1000S My Media ?


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I am still looking for a new PVR and reckon the Humax is still best option but... loss of the copy facility as in my old Foxsat box is a bit of a stumbling block.

I came across a post saying 'My Media' was available on these and implying it can do this, but as usual no real conclusions reached. People said it could and someone said it didn't work and no further comments.

So, is ther such a thing as not shown in the online user manual and although it says can't be done is it actually possible ? I just want to buy a box that will let me copy HDD recordings to an external drive, SD only, not bothered about HD as I know these are different.

Any help appreciated


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You can only copy video from a Humax freetime pvr if it's video you have uploaded yourself. The boxes own recordings are in a encrypted partition it's not possible to access. If you add the custom firmware to your Foxsat-hdr you can then copy the files directly to a PC. This also includes HD files recorded without encryption. The CF allows you to install a patch that means future HD recordings aren't encrypted. You can also use non-freesat mode to make manual HD recordings that aren't encrypted on a standard box.


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Interesting. I haven't even investigated recording in non-freesat mode on the 1000S.