Can I do all that a Panasonic 735 does with a T2?


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I've been reading up on the T2 capabilities against the Panasonic DMR 735.
I think I have worked out that I can get the T2 to do everything that the Panasonic can, albeit a bit more clunky.

That is - in addition to PVR facility, to make the occasional copy of a recording onto Blu Ray disc.

Does this work:-

1/ T2 Receiver + External HDD = PVR
2/ Add Custom Firmware + Foxy + PC with Blu-Ray Drive = Make Blu-Ray copies
3/ Add Blu-Ray Player connected to TV= Facility to watch any Blu-Ray disc
4/ Can't think that the Panasonic has extra functions that the above setup would not give?

I think the Custom firmware will allow BBC iplayer recording, which the Panasonic will not?

Finally - with all the custom firmware, does the T2 now have 4OD and ITV player?

1) The Humax HDR-Fox T2 is a PVR, it has an internal hard disk drive
Note :- The HD-Fox T2 receiver is no longer available
2) If you install the Custom Firmware, you don't need Foxy
3) Yes, (but not related to the HDR Fox T2)
4) Don't know
5) It is possible to extract I-Player (and YouTube) content using the CFW
6) The CFW does not add 4OD and ITV player
You would be better off with a HDR-FOX T2 recorder running CF.
Yes, iPlayer programmes can be saved.
ITV player, and 4OD are not currently available.