Can I make the epg just show me one channel at a time?

Joan Wilder?

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Just bought new humax, but I'm used to the toppy and miss seeing just one channel at a time.
I'm finding it difficult and confusing to scroll through and choose my recordings.
You could, by defining a favourites list comprising one channel. It wouldn't do you any good, because the view of the timeline would still be only a two-hour window. Bear in mind you can skip 2 hours at a time using the << and >> (REW/FF) buttons (while in EPG mode), and 24 hours at a time using the |<< and >>| (skip back / skip forward) buttons.

Have you tried using the search facility Guide >> Find (green)?
I would love this to be an option, Ive tried getting used to it the way it is, but the way my Topfield worked of having the one channel running down the side of the screen was so much better, you could just scan down to see anything you wanted, then move to the next channel. The layout going across the screen with other channels means its all over the place and you kind of have to check 5 at a time. :(
Ignore this; I hadn't noticed this wasn't the forum I was expecting... the info below applies to my T2.


You can get a single page per channel view by clicking on the channel name in the grid EPG.

What I do is to bring up the grid ( I have "Grid" as my default Now/Next style, and "Standard" as the single-channel style).

Then, for each channel I'm interested in, I "open in new tab" on the channel name. on Linux you would do that with a middle-click, on the Mac with Cmd-click. I don't know how to do it on Windows browsers.

I end up with lots of tabs, one per channel, which I then go through each in turn.
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You are talking about the WebIF EPG browser. This topic is in the 1800T/2000T section of the forum - no CF, just the normal SUI.