Can I scan for channels without remote?


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Have forgotten to bring PVR9200T remote with me as I travel campervanning in UK: is there any way I can access menus such as scan for new channels, list recordings etc from the front panel?

If not can anyone recommend a cheap Universal remote that I can program?


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Many years ago in the time before someone asked the same question on the now defunct They didn't get a suitable answer but they did report that they bought a remote for £1 from a pound shop which worked. That was probably back in back in about 2009.
If pound shops are still selling remotes with very old remote command modes you may get lucky.

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A quick skim of the relevant manual online indicates there are no menu navigation controls on the front panel.

With regard to universal remotes: the most sophisticated ones (eg Logitech) download configurations from an Internet server. The next level are referred to as "learning" - which means you can use an existing handset to program it with the codes. The cheap end have a large variety of code sets built in, and the user sets it up for a particular device by cycling through them (or a subset of them) until you find one that works (sometimes the handset can scan for itself, looking for an on/off code).

To find a potentially suitable universal remote, look at the packaging (or on-line information) and check it includes Humax in its compatibility or code list.
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Thanks both for advice, will beat a path to Poundland! I had hoped there might be a secret button combination...