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Can the portal display pages served locally by the humax box


First up, my apologies if the topic has already been explored. I did check the wiki and some of the historical threads.

I had forgotten all about the portal until a recent post. I'm running 1.02.32 FW (faster EPG) so the portal offers no value. It got me wondering if there's alternative ways to make the portal useful.

Is there any way to make the portal display local pages served up by the humax box. I seem to recall a lack of native keyboard support. Being able to view pages that don't require navigation would be quite useful such as package update notifications, suggested programs / watchlist (TvDiary), queued tasks etc. Basically anything where you just want to see a quick 1 page overview.

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Check out the custom portal topics (put "custom portal" in the search box and restrict the search to titles only, this section of the forum only).

Note that you will probably need a different version of any resulting package for 1.02.xx and 1.03.xx, because the built-in browser changed significantly.


Cheers BH. Just discovered that. New portal required the newer FW and older portals all have dependencies on mongoose.