Cancel media format prompt on startup


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Every time my box starts up I get the annoying media selection icons on the screen. They stay for ages unless you cancel them. Is there a way to stop this?

I don't have a usb plugged in so it's the custom firmware virtual usb thingy causing it.

If I could override the format selection completely and just show everything it would be even better


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This is a known problem with the virtual-disk2 package. Presuming you don't need a virtual disk (and are just using virtual-disk2 to force the Humax to register a network share), uninstall virtual-disk2 and plug in a cheapo UPD (which will achieve the same effect without the USB pop-up at start-up). You realise there is a rear USB port (below the Ethernet socket) so it doesn't have to show at the front.

If you do need a virtual disk, use the UPD plus the original virtual-disk package (but virtual disks are hardly relevant to HDR-FOX now, they are useful for decrypting on an HD-FOX).


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Oh fantastic and thanks for the prompt reply. Now I think back I think that was probably the setup I had before I installed virtual-disk2.
I had a USB stick plugged in the back just for the network shares.

Can I ask what a UPD is? I've never heard of that?

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What acronym would that be? UPD is an acronym for "USB Pen Drive", and I have listed it in the glossary, so I don't understand the problem people have with this. I am (mostly) consistent in my usage. Other people variously use "flash stick", "pen drive", "thumb drive", "USB stick" and many more, and the nature of the beast is that if somebody has only been exposed to one term in particular it doesn't matter which other term is used - there will still be ambiguity. The standard in technical documentation is to settle on one version and define it somewhere, which is what I have done.

It is ridiculous that if I had always been sloppy with my posts nobody would turn a hair. The debate is current on AvP.


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My experience of reading and authoring technical documentation is that the acronym is expanded the first time it is used in the document. viz. UPD (USB Pen Drive) and I suppose that USB should also be USB (Universal Serial Bus). This technique ensures that the reader knows exactly what the acronym stands for and removes any possible ambiguity.
I had a Google for UPD and the most likely one that I found easily was 'update' which didn't fit the context used here.


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The debate is current on AvP.
AvP ? What acronym would that be ??
Here's the top three hits from Google.

Alien versus Predator
Assistant Vice President
Association of Volleyball Professionals

I think this adds weight to Trev's response about expanding an acronym the first time it is used to avoid ambiguity. What is blindingly obvious to you is not always immediately apparent to the reader. I also think this debate should stay in the Hummy Arms, where AvP (Assume versus Presume) resides, not here.


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What's wrong with USB stick?? It's pretty self explanatory and if the user does not know what it is they can google it. If you google UPD it is meaningless.

And to be honest, if the user does not know what a USB stick is, should they really be messing with firmware?


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Chris, why are you continung this debate here? BH has already indicated (admittedly rather obliquely) that this debate be continued in the Hummy Arms as it is off-topic here. I have already tried to direct responses in this direction rather than fill threads with trivia like this.