Can't access webif


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Hi, I recently did an 'update all' in webif and that seemed to mess something up as I couldn't get back into webif. I have now reflashed the custom ROM, but when I go to webif it's asking for a username and password.

If I try telnetting to the box I get access denied.

Any ideas how I can get things back on track?



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<shakes head>
Why do people reflash the firmware if the Webif is not working???
</shakes head>


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When you boot the hummy, does the display show "FW 3.03" on the front panel for a few seconds during initialisations?
If firmware is present it will. If not ...

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When I booted, it did show something like 'cust fw 3.0.3'. I was pretty sure I had done the right firmware, but maybe I hadn't..

Anyway, I've tried reflashing again, and this time I did get in via telnet. I've now reset all and all is good to go again.

Thanks all.