Can't delete files on external drives using Web-if


I have external HDDs formatted in Ext3. Whenever I try to delete a file on these drive, I get the following error . I am guessssing that it is also logged somewhere.

  • "/media/drive1/Factual/The Joy of Stats_20121122_2101.ts"...Runtime Error: /mod/webif/lib/ts.class:153: error renaming "/media/drive1/Factual/The Joy of Stats_20121122_2101.ts" to "/media/My Video/[Deleted Items]/The Joy of Stats_20121122_2101.ts": Invalid cross-device link in procedure 'safe_delete' called at file "delete.jim", line 24 in procedure '.00000000000000000000>' called at file "/mod/webif/lib/safe_delete", line 60 in procedure 'ts move' called at file "/mod/lib/jim/oo.tcl", line 46 at file "/mod/lib/jim/oo.tcl", line 62 at file "/mod/webif/lib/ts.class", line 153
Could this be because am using the Undelete package?

I am also unable to cut and paste from external HDD to internal HDD or second external HDD. The clipboard get cleared but the file remains in its original location. Could this be related?

Edit: same issue cutting & pasting from internal to external HDD.