Can't delete 'That's Manchester' using ChannelDel package...


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As the title says. I receive, on channel 8, That's Manchester. I think its rubbish and don't watch it.

As usual, I have added it to the 'Automatically remove...' selection box on the LHS in the channeldel package and clicked the save button. Just as I have done for all my other unwanted channels.

All other channels selected this way are removed after a reboot, however, That's Manchester remains.

I know I can manually delete it via the standard Humax menu process, but wonder why channeldel is not removing it as I believe it should.

Could it be something to do with the ' in the channel name, I wonder?

FWIW I have the same issue on all three of my HDRs.


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Yes, it's the apostrophe. Replace it with a * in the configuration and you should be fine.


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Thanks. Will do.

EDIT. Yes, replacing the apostrophe with a * was worked.
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