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Cant get started

Discussion in 'FOXSAT-HD Freesat Receiver' started by Dobun, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Dobun

    Dobun New Member

    New Foxstat HD. On switching on the only display shown is InSt or In5t. Not the widescreen symbol shown in the User Manual What does this mean and how can I progress with the installation. New Dish not pointing exactly in the right direction might be contributing. Please advise. Must be sorted by Friday. Thanks in anticipation of your advice.
  2. garynl

    garynl Member

    This is a difficult one, because most of the time they work out of the box. No one else seems to have had this problem
    I assume you have a tv connected (on HDMI?) and the dish is connected before you switch the foxsat on. (to be sure only plug the foxsat in after you have made the connections). For now it doesn't matter that the dish direction is no perfect.

    It should then start with rotating lines on the LED display. Do you see that at all?
    Do you get anything on the tv screen?
  3. Dobun

    Dobun New Member

    Thanks. Have now progressed to tuning but my postcode is not recognised. Will contact the retailer tomorrow
  4. garynl

    garynl Member

    You do need a reasonably accurately positioned dish to get through the postcode check. You probably need a signal quality better than 70%.

    You dont have to use your own postcode; it is used just to decide on which region should be used for the BBC and ITV. You can enter any postcode; e.g. if you live in the south but want watch programmes shown in Manchester just enter a Manchester post code. You could try a few different codes before dropping in on the retailer
  5. grahamlthompson

    grahamlthompson Well-Known Member

    Goto the manual tune option and select transponder 11427 H (might be 11426 H or 11428 H). Look at signal quality, if you have none there is most likely a dish alignment issue. Without access to the Freesat home transponder (11427 H Eutelsat28A 28.5E) you wont be able to get any further with the install.
  6. Dobun

    Dobun New Member

    Thanks for your help. This showed that signal strength was not quite good enough. After relatively minor adjustments to the dish auto tuning was successful.