Can't install new portal

I'm struggling to install the new-portal package from the Package Manager.
After clicking Install a window pops up then disappears, the package in the available list then says installed but going to the installed list doesn't show it. Clicking the TV Portal button on the remote shows the original (humax) portal.
I've managed to quickly see what the box says before it closes, there is a conflict with custom-portal and portal-xtra1.

I don't have them installed, although I have had in the past.
So i thought maybe they didn't uninstall correctly, I'll install them again and remove them.
But I get conflicts again;
Installing custom-portal conflicts with portal-xtra1.
Installing portal-xtra1 conflicts with custom-portal.

Can anyone help?

Zico Barton

thanks for the quick reply.
I ran remove_portals and it showed:
>>> Beginning diagnostic remove_portals
Running: remove_portals
Removing custom-portal (if installed)
No packages removed.
Removing portal-xtra1 (if installed)
No packages removed.
Removing new-portal (if installed)
No packages removed.
Removing any orphaned files from flash.
>>> Ending diagnostic remove_portals

I tried installing new-portal again but unfortunately got the same message, conflicts with portal-xtra1 and custom-portal

Zico Barton

I'm on 1.03.12 which I installed a while ago.
I was on 1.03.12 (2.22) but installed the newer 2.23 version yesterday when trying to get it working.


I have the same problem. was a resolution found?

I just noticed that new-portals was not installed for some reason, and got the same errors as the OP when tried to install it

The remove_portals diagnostic ran OK but made no difference.