Can't log in to Hummy Web if

Derek Hart

New Member
Logged in ok yesterday to schedule recordings, today I can't log in at all.
I've rebooted both router and Hummy, changed the ethernet lead and swapped sockets all to no avail.
Any ideas please.
Another one!

I suspect that your box has auto updated to the OTA firmware that is currently being transmitted. It will render the CF dormant.
OK thanks for that, any point re-installing the custom firmware yet or should I leave it for a while ?
In which case any ideas how I can download my recordings to my PC please ?
Now that the unit has updated to the latest FW (1.03.12), it should be OK to install the CF. IIRC, you could just run the fix-flash packages diagnostic, but I am not 100% sure of that.
I suggest you start another topic for you second question as you are more likely to get an appropriate reply rather than it getting lost in this one.
Of course, as you cant log in to the WebIf, you would have to Telnet into the box and run from that menu.

You will find help in the Wiki. A link to which is in the top left hand corner.