Can't play large HD recording with VLC / WMP


I have a large (to me) HD recording - approximately 6.1 GB which stubbornly refuses to play.
All my other HD recordings play on VLC or WMP.
If I split the file into three parts 1 and 3 are OK, but part 2 just sits there with a blank screen.
Decrypt is on.
The recording plays via the TV.
web-if etc are all up to date.

Where do I start?

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
Files that contain a change in video or audio between the run-up to the programme and the programme itself often fail, e.g. a recording the starting with adverts and then switching to the actual programme will stop playing when it gets to the switch, this is due the the player's inability to switch formats after playing has started. One way around this is to edit the file (with Nicesplice) so that if starts after the advert break