Can't switch between Humaxs with Remote Scheduling (mobile)

Good evening!

I have a Humax HDRFOXT2 and a HDFOXT2 with a second HDR turning up tomorrow.

I've just noticed a problem when switching between machines with the Remote Scheduling website (mobile version).
All works well on the full web interface, but in the mobile version I hit the cog to give me the list of Humaxs, tick the appropriate one and then hit back, but it won't change. (see screenshots)

Could this be a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

The Humaxs are listed as humaxlounge and humaxfamily.

I've managed to set the humaxlounge as the default with the "order" function, so that one always appears when I log in.

Thanks for your help.

1.png 2.png
If you are hitting the 'back' key in your browser then it won't change. Isn't there a button to press to register the machine change selection? I only have one machine so haven't investigated this.

Nobby Sheep

Thanks for the info. I've checked and changed font sizes on my phone to see if anything else was there, but no.

It seems the "accept changes" option isn't there.