Can't tune into Freesat


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Received my Humax Foxsat HDR last week, was delighted but since then have been trying to tune it into Freesat without success.

I've been through the forum picked up good advice, adjusted the dish to the best quality signal I have ever had but still can't get the box to work, I wonder if anyone can help?

I live in France, just outside Paris, and have been viewing British TV on Astra for several years and currently with a Strongsat HD receiver which gives a signal strength of 86% and 98% quality on Astra 28.5 and strength of 77% and 98% quality on Eutelsat 11428H.
I'm not sure if this is relevant but I do have a problem with this box in that it will no longer automatically switch polarisation automatically and I have to set it to either 13v or 18v to get either Horizontal or Vertical polarisation. I have adjusted the skew of the LNB and get 98% quality in both H and V polarisation.

With the Foxsat Iam able to do the manual tune and pickup around 300 channels.

However when running Freesat tuning with either a single output LNB, or a quad LNB, with 2 cables connected, the freesat tuning option eventually detects the cable(s) and generally accepts
the postcode input (shows England HD), also shows 100% quality at this stage, and then on very rare occasions it will find the freesat channels however it never displays the "finish" screen after
having found all the channels and when I try to access a channel get the message "no or bad signal".

The diagnostics screen never shows any strength or quality indications.

Iam on the point of returning the box but wondered if anyone had any ideas on what might be the problem?

Any advice gratefully received.


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Still no luck with the Freesat tune.

I can manually tune in to nearly all the freesat transponders on Asrta 1N and get 100% quality however when I try the freesat tune it generally will not find any channels, on some occasions it seems to tune into them and am able to save the channels but then it returns to the postcode screen and when I try to use one of the channels I get the bad signal message.

If I understand correctly there is a problem getting the freesat epg channel can someone please confirm what the channel is?

I am getting 90/70 on 11428/27500 is this the epg freesat channel that I need to be tuned to to be able to do the freesat tune?

Gilbert Paul

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I seam to have the same problem. Living in France (Dordogne) Finds all channels in non freesat mode. Signal strength bar in Fressat tune reads zero (though 90% in non freesat mode), and returns 'no satellite signal' in Freesat mode.

Did you find a solution? Is it perhaps linked to the fact that my box was connected to the Livebox - and hence it checked out a non 'UK ip adress??

Anyone any thoughts??