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[CFW 3.13] Customised Firmware v3.13 released.


Staff member
Customised firmware 3.13 has been released with the following changes:

3.13 (28.04.2017)
  • Backport kernel fix for CVE-2016-5195 (Dirty Cow vulnerabilty);
  • Backport kernel fix for CVE-2016-10229 (arbitrary code execution via UDP traffic);
  • Do not attempt to use DNS during modinit/setup_hosts.
The only functional change is the last one which resolves a fairly uncommon problem where startup of the custom firmware components can be delayed by up to a minute, usually leading to the display of a web page saying that the internal hard disk has not been found. This was being caused due to timeouts doing DNS resolution for the address of the default gateway. Even if you weren't suffering from the 60 second delay, this change should improve the startup time of the web interface.

The other two changes are security fixes to the kernel - HDR model only.