Ch. 501 - Starz


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Anyone else missing the music channel on 501?
We noticed it wasn't there as of 01/05/20.
We watch it everyday so we're confident it was there the day before.
We've tried the usual things to restore missing channels....


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What are your 'usual things' as they may differ from the 'correct usual things'.
And please tell 'us' what box you are talking about.
'We' are pretty good here, but mainly, we are oldish and our crystal balls have gone a bit cloudy with receding youth. :roflmao:

But it does sound like it's gone off air. Have you Googled it?


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Apologies Trev, although with your avatar I was expecting a message before I encountered the problem ;)
I have a Humax Foxsat HDR.
We tried a 30 sec reboot, and a Freesat tune search.
AFAIK 501 is the only channel missing.
Google and twitter seem to offer no insights.
The starz website also seems to be out of action :(


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Over on Graham Thompson who keeps an eye on Freesat changes posted on the 1st May:
"Channel deleted

501 STARZ 11343 V 30/04/2020"