Changing DNS on HDR1100S, is it possible?


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We’ve just bought a Humax HDR1100S having had an older Humax PVR for about 13 years or so. One reason was to access On Demand services which are no longer supported by the old PVR. Is there any way to change the DNS settings for the WiFi connection? On XBox and PS4 these are easy to modify, but so far this seems not to be possible on the new box. We have a VPN router connected to our broadband router and hence have 2 separate WiFi networks, but currently the VPN provider is playing “whack-a-mole” with the IP geolocation and the mole is winning. We have modified the DNS settings on PC’s, iPads and the aforementioned gaming boxes to appear to be in the UK for the UK wireless. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received. The menus seem very minimal on this new PVR. Any secret codes for this function?


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DNS has absolutely NOTHING to do with geolocation.
Presumably you have a DHCP server somewhere that is dishing out IP addresses, and which also usually does DNS settings too, so that would be the place to look, not that DNS has anything to do with what (you think) the problem is.


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Strange then that with modified primary and secondary DNS settings on my iPad I can access the BBC iPlayer and with StrongDNS, but only if I use the DNS settings applied by the router automatically. The same is true for XBox.
I’ve read that if you disable the DHCP on the router then eventually you can access a manual input, but this was via ethernet. I wondered if the same was possible for WiFi.

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Try it and see. WiFi is just a communications channel that establishes a link in place of a wire - the networking stuff then operates as usual (it's just that the actual data is diverted over the airwaves instead of through the cable).