Channel 32 on Emley Moor: signal problems

Once again, on all three T2 boxes, the channels on COM7, Channel 32, are showing as 'not receiving a signal or signal is too weak' yet I am able to watch them on my LG TV which shows good signal strength and quality.

Nothing here has been changed. It's happened before and corrected itself before.

Anyone any ideas on what might be happening?

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Without proper calibrated signal strength metering, it's impossible to be definite.
I am able to watch them on my LG TV which shows good signal strength and quality.
What do you mean exactly "good"? How do you know? Is it simply that the picture is OK?

There is no reason to assume the tuner in the TV has the same sensitivity as the tuners in the Humii. If Ch32 is borderline and fluctuates due to propagation conditions (weather, atmospheric pressure), it could drop out on one receiver before another. Your aerial may not be optimised for Ch32, worsening the problem. Ch32 is very low compared with the pre-DSO UK transmission channels, so legacy aerials will have a problem.

Your aerial distribution system may also have a problem. If you have a distribution amplifier, check its band gain specifications. There may be some resonance in the cable lengths which enhance some frequencies and suppress others due to tuned lengths between impedance discontinuities.
Thanks for the response.

The Humax reports signal strength and quality on channel 32 as 0, all other channels are around 60% strength with 100% quality while the LG TV reports 90% strength and 100% quality on all. I've previously swapped the aerial leads between the two and it made no difference. All of the devices are fed from a multiswitch in the loft through triplex plates.

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That pretty much points at the HDR-FOXes then, which seems very weird based on your initial description.

1. If all the HDR-FOXes react the same simultaneously, that rules out a failure;

2. If they ever receive on Ch32, that rules out a design flaw;

3. If the TV tuner shows no loss in Ch32 (when connected to the same signal path), that rules out transmission/propagation/distribution.

That leaves God or Magic.

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...or maybe the HDR-FOXes are less resistant to co-channel interference than the TV. Are there any sources of interference nearby? Old-school VCRs' modulated outputs are in the Ch32 area.
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Don't some people use the name of the alleged son of God as an exclamation? So perhaps not many funny looks for that one.
If BH is thinking like a mathematician rather than an engineer, he may be thinking God = i. :D